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In this election year nothing means more than our vote. If you don't vote you really have no right to beef about what's happening in the world. What's amazing to me is that there still are people I know who refuse to vote. About 50% of American vote. When did we become so apathetic?
After downloading 'America' and listening to it I felt surprisingly uplifted. This is not a condemnation of our country (well, a little). This is a calling, a plea, a scream to get the F up and stop playing dead. Stop being entertained to death. Stop yapping into your cellphones. Stop endless speculation over our diets, our 401 k's, our celebritiy culture. And each be one person doing a little more for the benefit of our country. By example. The reason we have a war going on is because there is hatred in each one of us. The reason we have an illiterate in the white house is because we are illiterate. It is us. We are being reflected in all. We each must cease the behavior we deplore in the world to end it. One person. One step at a time. In the meantime I'll be listening to more political announcements on the only channel worth listening to. Not CNN. Not Fox. But ARTISTS like headlessjason. Telling the news!


That was funny and true! I loved it! And you sound great!


That was hysterically brilliant...too bad DJ's probably can't play it due to their program managers taking payola to keep J Lo on the radio...
it reminded me of Jackson Browne's For America, which he played with Springsteen at the Concert For Change....shit, Bush must be laughing at them...we're on the wrong environmental path for the country and the world, and his cabal of robber barons is out to squeeze blood from a rock...but my point was your song is freakin' funny and political, great singing and production, should have been on Letterman...

Ms. D

Thanks Jason for a great song and food for thought. I would like to respond to Ben because, I'm tired of people who say "If you don't vote you really have no right to beef about what's happening in the world". I personally see my vote as a show of support, that says "I believe in what you stand for". Given the choices presented before me, if I don't support them, I choose to rescind my vote. That's the choice I make. It's also appropriate for me to complain if I don't like the choices presented to me. My husband on the other hand, will use his vote to shake a party up a bit, and to make a point. He uses his vote to make a political statement. That's his choice. Who's to say which is better. I think it's a personal decision.

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